Monetas is a software company focused on bringing the most advanced financial and legal services to all consumers and businesses worldwide — enabling everyone to build wealth and improve their quality of life.


Our universal smart contracting platform handles all types of currencies, financial instruments, and contract types — from simple payments to the most complex derivatives — thereby powering the next generation of financial services and the industries of the future, such as the internet of things.


Today more than three billion adults lack access to formal financial services. This means over half the world is excluded from the global economy, making it hard to build wealth and improve their standard of living.

Our mission is to build a freer and more prosperous world by developing solutions that give everyone access to the most advanced financial and legal services. Our technologies connect everyone with a smartphone to the global economy.

Monetas has developed a cryptofinance transaction platform with matchless security, speed, and affordability. Our transactions settle in a fraction of a second, cost a fraction of a cent, and our platform scales globally to effortlessly handle the entire world’s transactions in real time on a network of high-performance servers.

The Monetas platform is a powerful force for improving the world

We face many problems in today’s world — poverty, disease, illiteracy, crime, corruption, pollution, terrorism. To address these challenges requires resources (wealth). So the fundamental problem is how to create wealth.

The three fundamental drivers of wealth creation are:

  • Greater security of property
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Larger economic networks

The combined effect of these three drivers is greater division of labor and specialization, which in turn drives productivity, wealth creation, and quality of life.

The Monetas platform boosts all three fundamental drivers of wealth creation:

  • Security of property: Without security of property, the process of wealth creation cannot even begin — there is simply no incentive to produce wealth.
    Monetas uses breakthrough cryptofinance technologies and decentralization to secure assets and transactions more effectively than any other system.
  • Low transaction costs: Low transaction costs are of central importance to economic growth. Countries that reduce transaction costs across the economy by just 0.1%, increase GDP by a staggering 300%.
    The Monetas platform handles the entire spectrum of transactions with matchless efficiency and global scalability. It is orders of magnitude faster, cheaper, and more versatile than other systems, bringing tremendous economy-wide efficiency gains. Transactions settle in a fraction of a second, and cost a fraction of a cent.
  • Global economic network: What drives economic growth is the productivity gains made possible by division of labor and specialization. This requires not just security of property and low trading costs, but also a large economic network.
    Monetas brings the world’s most advanced financial and legal infrastructure to everyone with a mobile phone — and to every internet-connected device — thus connecting billions of un(der)banked to the global economy and vastly improving global connectedness in both undeveloped and developed economies.

The combined power of Monetas’ matchless security, efficiency, and inclusiveness will drive a global explosion of wealth creation such as we’ve never seen before.

See the video below for an explanation of the transformative power of our platform.