The Monetas system is a universal platform for global commerce. It is a transaction system that uses advanced cryptofinance technologies to effectively address the pain points of legacy systems.


Secure asset issuance

Central banks issue digital legal tender

1 . Secure Asset Issuance


All national and digital currencies, all types of financial instruments, and all types of contracts can be issued on the Monetas platform in a completely digital medium.

The Monetas platform has an open, standards-based architecture that enables fluid interoperability across instruments, platforms, and national borders.


Secure storage

Decentralized storage in the first true digital wallet

2. Decentralized Storage: The First True Digital Wallet

The Monetas platform reduces dependency on intermediaries and restores users’ control over their assets and information, creating a user-centric system.

The Monetas digital wallet is a true wallet that holds your assets directly in the wallet itself — just as you hold physical cash in your traditional leather wallet. This is unlike the so-called ‘mobile wallets’ of other providers, which are not true wallets — they are merely interfaces that show the user the account balance held at a third-party intermediary.

The Monetas system doesn’t use accounts — it uses wallets. Monetas users hold their digital assets directly in their digital wallet on their device (with a backup in the cloud), thereby eliminating institutional risk and the high infrastructure and compliance costs entailed by traditional account management systems, which require expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone reconciliation, clearing, and settlement processes.

Monetas’ true digital wallets are downloaded directly from an app store and held on the user’s mobile phone, with automated secure cloud backups to protect against loss or theft of the user’s device.


Peer-to-peer transfer

Secure and efficient peer to peer transfers

3. Secure and Efficient Peer-to-Peer Transfers

Transactions on the Monetas platform do not require a third party intermediary. Transactions are witnessed and validated by a global network of cloud-based notary services. The notary services never hold or have access to customer assets — users remain in control of their assets at all times.

Monetas’ secure and efficient architecture creates unforgeable transactions through advanced cryptographic protocols that guarantee transaction integrity and enable immediate settlement with no chargeback risk.